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Smart Surgical Display Platform

Patent Pending

Elsa smart surgical display platform

A best in class 4K/HDR highly integrated medical display providing surgeons and OR staff with valuable tools, communication and data so they can deliver the best possible care with improved ease and efficiency. 

ELSA boasts an expansive SW app library - comprised by a growing list of partners whose SW products leverage ELSA's integrated HW architecture, including: cameras, sensors, mic-array, high-end audio DSP and output system, wireless comm (4G/5G), edge GPU, & more.

ELSA is also a brilliant digital assistant and data-collector in the OR - optimizing pre-op/intra-op/post-op workflows and providing valuable insights to OR management and staff at the point of use. Users can interact with ELSA naturally, using touch or touch-less conversational speech. In the background, ELSA collects multiple, synchronous streams of high-value data (including the surgical video feed) - enabling evolving AI augmentation, and ever-more powerful applications at the edge.  Design patent filed in 2022 for Elsa Smart Display architecture.  Additional patents pending for application-specific inventions.

Cloud Services at Point of Use

Access clinical reference materials, record select data streams for record creation and  machine learning, communicate and share content with colleagues, utilize AI augmentations, and more from the Surgical Display.

High-end Audio system with Voice Control

State-of-the-art microphone array with custom audio DSP enables beaming-form, acoustic echo cancellation, noise reduction, and other critical functions necessary for effective voice control, teleconferencing, and high fidelity streaming music/audio playback in the OR.  Generative AI integration allows for conversational voice control of Elsa.

Application Platform

The Elsa platform is very much like your "Smart Phone".  Powerful hardware platforms allow sophisticated applications (Apps) to be developed quickly and simply.  These applications can leverage one another for even more sophisticated interactions for the user -for example: control other devices in the OR, deploy user preferences, connect to cloud services, user authentication, and AI augmentations. 

Simplified IT Management and Customer Service

Elsa's IoT architecture allows for device settings, user authentication data, user preferences, and more to be applied (synched) across all Elsa devices in an Institution's network.

"Plug and Play"

​Simple Install — Plug And Play with existing infrastructure

  • Compatible with any HD or 4K camera systems​

  • Compatible with current HD or 4K Integration Infrastructures​

  • Independent from a typical tower or integration deal​

  • Any existing Operating Room is a sales opportunity!​

  • Advanced Elsa Architecture supports any size or display technology

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