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Inspiring a new Vision for Ai in the OR

Deep workflow integration and even deeper insights through sensor integration and Ai augmentation


Advanced Control

Interact naturally with the platform in sophisticated  ways.  Voice control of OR services, devices, cameras, lights, video routing, and more

Ai Augmentation

Driven by intelligence that observes, comprehends, identifies, anticipates, and participates
Situational Awareness

Increased Efficiency

Save time through automations, platform applications, and creation of enhanced workflows

High-Quality Data Collection

Prime, entrenched location in OR ensures access to volumes of high-quality data

Synchronous Data

Simultaneous capture of  numerous data streams produces 'time-stamped' data sets enabling powerful Machine Learning potential

Rich Connection

Portal to 'MediVerses' for hospital ORs and medical teaching institutions: Telemedicine / Telesurgery applications

Generative Ai

Integrating the latest Ai technology to enable conversational interaction, automated data labelling,
and comprehensive workflow augmentation applications.

Deep Authentication

Improved biometric security and authentication management

Integrated Sensors

Live surgery, room cameras, microphones, room temp/humidity/particulates sensors all provide streams for varied and robust data acquisition

Introducing ELSA

Elsa Smart Surgical Display Platform

Patent Pending

Our Partners

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Making the OR of the future a present reality . . .

For further information on investment opportunities, potential commercial partnerships, or general inquiries - please reach out to us.

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